Russian Video Game Translator
I love video games. I translate them into Russian. It's that simple. Also a VO wannabe and a History PhD
Alexander translated Broken Sword 5 into Russian. He was highly diligent, and easy to work with, going beyond the job contracted to offer advice on cultural and other issues. I would highly recommend him.
Charles Cecil, Revolution Software
Do you want your game to be more popular?
What could serve it better than a good Russian translation
I have a vast game localisation experience. Mostly in adventure games
Do you know that Russian is #3 language on Steam?
I think that means something
Why you might want to choose my localisation services or tell a friend
Alexander joined the team later much than the other translators giving him less time to work his magic, he quickly got up to speed with the game and became an integral part of the team.
He clearly prides himself on doing a good job and worked quickly to translate the game text. It was very easy to see his passion and attention to detail bringing the games beautiful Cyrillic fonts to life pixel by pixel.
Working with him was easy and he was very responsive to any requests for changes.
I would not hesitate to recommend Alexander to anybody looking to hire a skilled Russian translator.
Robert Megone, Terrible Toybox
Alexander translated the first episode of our Adventure Game, Bertram Fiddle into Russian for us. He did an excellent job, with a high attention to detail and kept us informed of his progress all along.
He was very easy to work with and showed a real passion for what he was doing. I thoroughly recommend Alexander if you need any localisation for the Russian Market.
Seb Burnett, Rumpus Animation
I had the pleasure to work with Alexander Preymak in the translation into Russian of The Purring Quest. He is very responsible, professional and demonstrated a great interest and dedication. He consistently completed tasks assigned on time and without errors. Without doubt we will rely on him for future translations, and recommend him unconditionally.
José López, Valhalla Cats
Alex provided a timely and communicative service for our project and maintained professionalism from translation through to proof-reading and feedback. Our customers have reacted to his work positively. We will certainly return to Alex for his services in the future.
Mark J. Lovegrove, Screen 7
Alexander Preymak localized my game "Replica" and he was an absolute joy to work with. Not only all texts were translated perfectly, but also he understood the atmosphere and backgrounds of the game deeply. He has shown excellence in his localization skill. I highly recommend Alexander Preymak for game localization.
Working with Alexander Preymak was an absolute pleasure. Wheels of Aurelia is a difficult game to translate because of its many cultural references to the Italian 70s, but Alexander worked in complete autonomy and delivered a professional translation. We'll definitely work with him in the future.
Pietro Righi Riva, Santa Ragione
Alexander is a very detailed and responsible translator. He did a great job translating our game Rooms: The Unsolvable Puzzle into Russian. After the first round of translation, he played the game and double-checked to make translation more natural, which I particularly liked.
Jake Kim, HandMade Game
Very professional, flexible, passionate. Excellent English - Russian translation and writing skills. Does the job really fast and always tries to keep improving things after being done nicely.
Georges Paz, Psychoz Interactive
Alexander has translated our point&click adventure game The Silent Age into Russian. He was very fast at translating and tested the Russian version multiple times in the game to make sure everything worked as it should. Communication was fast and easy.
Linda Randazzo, House on Fire
Alexander produced a quality translation for us in a timely manner. He was also very easy to communicate with. We are very happy with the results.

Nick Konstantoglou, KickBack Studios
Great job, fast response, very helpfull with additional requests. Highly recommend for cooperation or translation.
Martin Pavelek, Blue Brain Games s.r.o.
Alexander delivered the translation on time and with high efficiency. I would recommend him to other game studios.
Ronja Gustavsson, fantastic, yes
Russian game market is a market worth trying.
Russian gamers buy more games every year.
Obviously EFIGS is not enough
What you get from hiring me
Why I might be a perfect candidate for a job. Even if you want to translate a pigeon dating sim
Quality Translation
I am a gamer myself and I know at first hand how a bad translation could ruin a game. That is why I deliver quality Russian translations
In my work I try to avoid any kind of mistakes, and if I make one I am looking for it with all my wit and sinew. I also hate misspelling and bad punctiation
Additional Services
Sometimes a translation is not enough to make a good localisation. Cyrillic fonts, graphic materials, handmade toys. I can make it all - you name it
Video games are art and you should spread it around the world. Russia is one-eighth of the world. And don't forget about the Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan. They know Russian too. So, do the math

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